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'I never realised how much I loved yoga

till I started it here.

It has helped me to calm down and the breathing exercises are a life saver!' 

15 year old student, Warden Park Secondary Academy  

Benefits of the EMOGA programme?


  • establishes healthy habits

  • introduces regular exercise and self-discipline

  • explores human emotions 

  • helps to alleviate stress and anxiety

  • improves concentration 

  • reconnects with the present moment 

  • brings children closer to nature 

  • offers plenty of opportunities to pause, relax and just be

  • teaches useful breathing and relaxation techniques 

  • invites children to be themselves

  • values children for who they are

What is EMOGA?

EMOGA™ is a specialist yoga course that combines emotions and yoga by exploring human emotion through a combination of imaginative visualization and traditional yoga sequencing. It is an invitation for you and your child to embark upon a journey to a better understanding of each other and of the world around you.


EMOGA™  is a gift to each and every child; the gift of knowledge and better understanding of themselves that empowers a child to address challenging emotions with self-control and respond to their own feelings positively – learning how to take care of their own psychological wellbeing.


EMOGA™ is also a gift to every parent and carer. It gifts them the knowledge they need to gain a better understanding of the child’s emotional journey towards adulthood. EMOGA™ offers practical guidance through the challenging childhood and teenage phases of life, providing simple advice on how a child can be effectively supported on their journey of emotional self-discovery.




we play

we learn 

we imagine  

The EMOGA Story -

a journey of self-discovery

EMOGA™ came about when my nine year old daughter explained that she did not understand why she found it such a challenge to be kind to her younger brother, feeling angrier and more frustrated the harder she tried. Between us, we agreed that we needed to find out where her anger, frustration and the accompanying negative emotions were coming from. And this is how, in developing the use of traditional yoga techniques to manage difficult and challenging emotions that we came up with the term EMOGA™.


From this encounter I began to reflect on my own quest to understand hate, shame, embarrassment and anger. I came to realise that children sometimes struggle to understand the concept of emotion and that their own emotional well-being can be threatened, especially at times of emotional stress and peer pressure. As a result, I devised the tailored yoga programme that became known as EMOGA™.

How can EMOGA benefit my child?

The EMOGA™ Programme challenges difficult emotional behaviour. It teaches children that anger, confusion, shyness, humiliation, sadness, irritation, shame, envy, guilt, frustration and even hate are natural human emotions that need to be channelled, that no child should be embarrassed to experience them and that each and every emotion can be transformed into positive feelings and actions. EMOGA™ helps children gain an understanding of the fluidity of their emotions and that feelings are temporary and pass with time, making room for new and healthier emotional sensations to grow.

Who is the EMOGA course

suitable for? 

EMOGA™ Programme has been designed for children and teenagers aged 4 – 16

What can I expect from the EMOGA courses?

The EMOGA™ courses have a strong psychological foundation that will challenge a child particularly if they identify themselves with the emotions being explored. Parental support is welcome should a child feel overwhelmed with the emotions they may encounter. 

EMOGA™ is based upon the science of Positive Psychology. The courses support a child’s emotional development by focusing on their emotional strengths. Its practices are strongly connected with flourishing and unlocking undiscovered potential, incorporating elements of mindfulness that are applicable far beyond the class. Through the EMOGA™ Programme your child will experience the practice and mindfulness of yoga in a friendly, non-judgemental environment where everyone is equal and respectful, where everyone is a good friend. This approach in combination with yoga sequencing is proven to boost children’s self-esteem and confidence whilst supporting their learning and development. The emphasis on breathing and sequencing throughout our classes allows the mind to focus on the present, giving the child an opportunity to enjoy a more fulfilled approach to learning and play while supporting their physical and emotional well-being.

What's next?

Further children’s and teens courses are available to continue your child’s journey of emotional self-discovery. Please look out for our parent/carer workshops offering further experience in home yoga and mindfulness practice.


The EMOGA™ Programme may not be suitable for every child. Should this situation occur we will of course endeavour to support your child. Depending on the circumstances we will be happy to offer one-to-one sessions or small group tutorials.

EMOGA Programme vs the

Notion of Negative Emotions

Who is behind the EMOGA Programme?

Former international skier and biathlete Angelika Hajdecka, BA (Hons) founded the EMOGA™ Programme in 2015. A qualified English Language teacher in addition to being a fully qualified and experienced yoga instructor (registered with the British Wheel of Yoga and YogaBananas) and a mindfulness teacher (registered with the MiSP), she brings a wealth of knowledge in education, counselling, linguistics and wellbeing, in addition to her role as a working mum to three young children.


My 5 year old really loves going to these classes. After a hectic week at school, this really calms and recentralises her.                                                                                                                                 

June  Searle

My daughter has attended yoga with Angelika for nearly a year and it has done her such good. Her concentration,confidence and calm times have improved so much. I would recommend this to many people as I could.

Rachel Ross

Hi Angelika. Wanted to say how I recommend you to everyone.. Having had the privilege of watching one of the children's yoga classes, I was mesmerised by how you get a group of fidgety children and have them relaxing, quietening and enjoying themselves at the same time. I have long been an advocate of looking after children's minds -not just their brains. Emote helps them to be still and have some time-out from busy living and stay in the moment. The idea of focusing on things that worry them and helping them to handle them is magical. I am sure you are equipping them with tools for life. I am noticing more and more yoga classes for children but very few offering the combination of mindfulness and yoga - lets home this become mainstream in schools.

Prue Heron

My 7 y/o son attends Angelika Hajdecka's sessions and he loves it. He recently suffered from bullying and EMOGA is helping him a lot by teaching him how to deal with stressful situations and how to respond to it! Thanks so much, Angelika.                                          


Nadia Silva

I would highly recommend this yoga class. My 9 year old daughter is benefiting both physically and emotionally (building her self esteem and emotional intelligence) and she really enjoys it. 

Hilary Scott 

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